The team at Stirring Creations is excited to introduce our Earthly soap, a unique natural product that is handmade with a variety of great ingredients. We’ve specially made this soap so that has no fragrance, because we know not everyone wants a scent associated with their personal hygiene products. However, this soap does contain alkanet root powder, basil powder, goat milk butter, and other components that work to relieve itchy, dry skin and leave you feeling incredibly clean. Order yours today from Stirring Creations, and contact us if you need any assistance! If you would like to order 4 or more bars of soap. You will save on shipping costs if you call us.


Goat Milk Base

Alkanet Root Powder: Relieve itching skin

Basil Powder: Improves skin tone

Pomegranate Powder: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Kaolin Clay: Skin softening & hydrating properties