Large Quartzite Bowl


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A particularly beautiful large bowl shaped from Quartzite Bowl

  Shipping charges can be calculated seperately for each bowl due to size and weight.  Please contact us for better/custom shipping rates than the standard charges shown in Shipping Options for Handcrafted Stone.  (518-532-9482)

Length: 12 1/2 inches

Width: 8 inches

Height:3 x 5 inches

Depth: 2 1/2 inches

This bowl took 143 Hours to make.

All of the measurements are somewhat approximate.  

The bowl is handcrafted from Adirondack field stone. It is shaped and polished 360 degrees to 8500 grit.

Our natural stone bowls are
handcrafted and are beautiful works of art which will enhance any décor. You can
also use these decorative natural stone bowls as a station for your keys,
jewelry, change or glasses due to their weight; it will be in the same place as
you left it.  Natural stone bowls can also be used for candy, nuts,
or fruit. A coat of granite counter top sealer is applied and is completely
buffed dry to each and every natural stone bowl we sell. These natural stone
bowls have a small, naturally occurring metal content in the stone, and as such
are not microwavable or dishwasher safe