Lavender & Chocolate


Lavender & Chocolate

Lavender & Chocolate is sensuously regal soap bar.  Two fragrances that when combined evokes a long hot bath surrounded by candles with soft music playing.  Something almost physical in the fragrance.  Treat yourself to this handmade soap bar, kickback and let the world go by. 

 The following ingredients in this handmade soap bar also have beneficial functions which are noted next to the specific ingredient. 


Goat Milk Butter, Glycerin

Coco Powder

Alkanet Root Powder: Relieve itchy skin

Annotta Seed Powder: Vitamins C, B's, E, and antioxidants

Kaolin Clay: Skin softening and hydrating properties

Lavender Essential Oil: A calming essential, that also happens to be a natural bug deterrent


The soap bars are handmade and cut from a “loaf” by hand. So they vary in size and weight. The bar would weigh a minimum of 5 ounces and measure 2 1/4 inches high, 1 inch thick and 4 inches long.