Purple Haze



  I've always loved the smell of lilacs, though you only get to enjoy this
fragrance for about 2 weeks out of the year. Yet I'm nuts about them, hence the
nuts came into the equation.  After a period of time formulating the proper brew we
believe the balance of this bar of soap allows you to almost taste the almond and smell
the lilacs. You're in the park enjoying some almonds while the lilacs are still in bloom. As if the fragrance could carry a color, a purple haze rolls over you. If you can't quite put your self. There (should be self there,)unwrap this bar of soap and let it
enlighten you.

Shea Butter & Glycerin

Alkanet Root Powder: Relieve itching skin

Kaolin Clay: Skin softening and hydrating properties

Fragrance: Lilac and Almond

 The soap bars are handmade and cut from a “loaf” by hand. So they vary in size and weight. The bar would weigh a minimum of 5 ounces and measure 2 1/4 inches high, 1 inch thick and 4 inches long.