Regal Raspberry


Imagine the smell of raspberries and ice cream and you will get a good idea of what our Regal Raspberry soap is all about. Besides its amazing scent, there are several reasons why we highly recommend this handmade soap. Not only does it include tomato powder to give it antioxidant properties, but the beet root powder and alkanet root ensures it is high in vitamins and can relive itchy skin. To learn more about this soap you can contact Stirring Creations, and don’t forget to place your order online today!

Shea Butter & Glycerin

Beet Root Powder: High in vitamins and antioxidants

Alkanet Root Powder: Relieves itchy skin

Tomato Powder: Antioxidant properties

Kaolin Clay:  Skin softening & hydrating properties

Fragrance: Fresh Raspberry