Our Story

This is a timeline of the history that has shaped my family and created Stirring Creations: 

By the age of 14, I was collecting sticks and stones with my father to make rustic furniture, stone fireplaces and walls.  With a couple of years under my belt in masonry, my father (a mason for 18 years) put away his trowels due to back issues and began to make rustic furniture.   I followed my father's foot steps into the world of stone and wood.  During this transition time with my father, I made a few solo projects between going to school, peeling rungs for my father's chairs and a few more stone jobs with my uncles. 

Then came the BIG change in my life while attending classes at Paul Smiths College.  I met and promptly fell in love with Tiffany, the woman who became my wife and the mother of our two children.  I’m forever thankful that I met her, before college taught me that business administration wasn’t for me.  I was drawn back to my roots and the relationship I’d already forged with Mother Nature in all her wonder. 

Induced by the love of our craft, and driven by all of life experiences, something new was learned every day.  Something new is in essence the outcome of working the raw materials we’ve targeted through the years, hence one of a kind is the standard.  Now at a new chapter in our lives, my wife and I have launched Stirring Creations to address all that stirs us.  

Mother Nature’s raw material can be interpreted in endless ways.  It occurs every day — A new application for the raw material we possess is realized.  With multiple generations of experience, input and labor, the path ahead looks interesting.  We hope you can come back to see what comes next as we stir up the next creation.

Our Second Story

Our natural soap product line came from a funny story.   The sculpture's hands always suffered with the harsh stone work that commercial soaps would make worse.  Tiffany, with deep thought and study, started create her own detergent free line of soap for the family.  Friends soon started to beg for more, and hence Stirrings Creations gladly added a new product line.  Tiffany is now a member of the Soap Guild, and a true professional soaper!

Stirring Creation's line of soap products have stirred some interesting natural combinations loved by all that use.  They keep coming back for more, and Tiffany is constantly creating new synergy soaps by blending mother natures products together.  There are endless possibilities and Mother Nature enters the formula again for Stirring Creations!   The endless