Augen Gneiss Stone Bowl


Augen Gneiss   SOLD

17 hours

This natural field stone was picked from a sand pit in Chestertown, NY. It was shaped in a way to maximize the merits of how well put together it is. The exterior was left natural, while the interior and the bottom are shaped and polished to 6500 grit. Being of the metamorphics attributes to its density, hence the shine it shows. This stone bowl could be used for: Candy, Nuts, Fruit, Keys and Pocket Change.

Shipping charges can be calculated separately for each bowl due to size and weight.  Please contact us for better/custom shipping rates than the standard charges shown in Shipping Options for Handcrafted Stone.  (518-532-9482)

Width - 5"

Length - 8 1/4"

Height - 2 1/4"