Lilac Chair

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Fancy Arm Chair
by Matthew Gregson 57" h x 35" w x 27" d Lilac uprights with apple rungs cherry burl seat, armrest and center of back with curly walnut sides. We’ve literally driven thousands of miles in our hunt for this nearly petrified form of lilac found around old Homesteads. This lilac may in some instances be buried under as many as 40-50 years of decompose leaves & debris rotting away the white colored sapwood and exposing various hues of purple. Lilac happens to be some of the rarest, and hardest wood that we work with. It may take days to prepare just one component of a project.  Because of its knarly twisted nature we go to extra lengths to assure that these pieces are user friendly. This chair only came to be after fourteen years of my own hunting, producing only these four uprights suitable for the task.  So of course the rest of the components had to be special to keep up.


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