Unakite Elongated Bowl


Unakite Elongated Bowl

19 1/2" L x 12 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H   

This bowl took 58 hours to make.

  Shipping charges can be calculated seperately for each bowl due to size and weight.  Please contact us for better/custom shipping rates than the standard charges shown in Shipping Options for Handcrafted Stone.  (518-532-9482)

      This natural stone was picked in Harrisville NY.  It was shaped  in a way to maximize the merits of how well put together it is.  The exterior presents like a landscape, while the interior and the bottom are shaped and polished to 6500 grit. Being that this stone was blasted from bed rock the shaping was placed in such a way as to eradicate fissures presented by the shock. Smooth bottom and internally with natural outside presentation.